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Songsalive! advances songwriters and composers globally. and is the largest international songwriters organization that is a 501c)3) non-profit public benefit charity (California and Federal USA).

We provide social community, connection, support, opportunities, promotion and education, that elevate songwriters and composers. 

Our organization lives on passion - passionate songwriters and composers, making incredible music.

Target your product or service to 25,000 songwriters and composers worldwide

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There are 3 ways to get involved:

1. Become a Sponsor - we accept your financial donations, with a string of perks.

2. Advertise with us - we offer you key targeted promotions in return for your humble donation.

3. Cross-Partner with us - we promote you, and you promote us, in an equal or greater value. (Please note that we offer this only when there is an extreme financial hardship or a win-win opportunity).

Our stats:

  • Main demographic: songwriters and composers. Secondary demographic: singers and musicians. Tertiary demographic: Music Industry
  • Over 1000 songwriter and composer paid members from all around the world -Mobile app and desktop "backstage" (members only portal) exclusively targeting our paid members, with dedicated notifications and content reaching all members via email and mobile push notifications.
  • Almost 1 Million visitors to our Website since we started. Website traffic and mailing list is global with segmentation by Countries and Regions (within USA). We've crossed 1Million website visitors to date and our reach is specialized and broad to artists, songwriters, producers, record companies, publishing companies and key music business representatives who experience our online community regularly.
  • 25,000+ on our email list.
  • Social media impact > 250,000 across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook (the latter we have also a private Group with over 1500 songwriters and composers).

The caviat: your product or service MUST be of educational value or provides career advancement to our core demographic as above. 

All contributions are tax deductible. We are a non-profit 501)c)3) organization both State and Federal.

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Songsalive! Sponsorship & Advertising

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