Songsalive! Pro Member

Songsalive! Pro Member
Songsalive! is the largest international songwriters and composers community worldwide. We promote, support and elevate songwriters and composers in the music business, song marketplaces and to global fans. Our community is filled with resources, networking and support.


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Songsalive! Mentorship - your monthly success coach

Fuel Your Songwriting and Song Business know-how and greatness with one-on-one success coaching

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Songsalive! Sponsorship & Advertising

Opportunities to be involved with Songsalive! for our Friends in the Community

Songsalive! Sponsorship & Advertising

There are several ways we involve our Friends In The Community that benefit you and benefit us. Songsalive! is the largest international songwriters organization that is a 501c)3) non-profit public benefit charity (California and Federal USA), run by a very lean volunteer team. We survive on membership, events and donations. Read about us and our constitution here.   It is for this reason that when our Friends In The Community look to us to 'get their word out' or want to be involved, we bring you here for information, guidelines and opportunity.

There are 3 ways to get involved:

1. Become a Sponsor - we accept your financial donations, with a string of perks.

2. Advertise with us - we offer you key targeted promotions in return for your  humble donation.

3. Cross-Partner with us - we promote you, and you promote us, in an equal or greater value. (Please note that we offer this only when there is an extreme financial hardship).


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