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"I am very excited and surprised to win" ~ Meghan Trainor,
6th Annual IAMA Best Female Artist Winner. She hit #1 on the Billboard
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"Last year I was fortunate enough to win the Grand Prize at the International
Acoustic Music Awards. That was unforgettable. The people there
hooked me up with gear I would never have been able to afford. I'm
so grateful ..." ~ Jack Newsome, 2015 Top Winner

"Congrats to Meghan Trainor, and kudos to IAMA for giving artists
a chance to be heard and to build a career they may otherwise
not have had" ~ Diane Stilwell, musician

"This is an excellent achievement for Meghan Trainor and this also
shows what a great competition the International Acoustic Music
Awards is. Congratulations to both Meghan and the IAMA"
~ Cameron Ingram, singer-songwriter


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Before you enter International Acoustic Music Awards, let's get a taste of what International Acoustic Music Awards is today that you can apply to your music bio or profile or otherwise:
* Our winner Meghan Trainor hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts for 9 weeks, that single set a record for Epic Records (most weeks at #1 for Epic Records).
* Being even just a finalist, not even winning the top award can boost your music profile and career! IAMA Finalist Jeff Gutt was a Top 2 contestant on X-Factor USA!
* Our Artist of the Month features you and your music and is promoted in the music media and industry!
* Acoustic Music Compilation CD feature your winning song.
* Winning songs get radio airplay on syndicated radio show "Acoustic Cafe", Sirius XM Radio and Acoustic Music Radio Podacst (listen to Acoustic Cafe and Acoustic Music Podcast
* Music Industry Judges from A&R from the big 3 record labels: Sony, Warner and Universal Music.
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To your music success,

Jessica Brandon
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IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards)
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