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Notes from an Interview with Diane Warren by James Linderman

 James A. Lovell once wrote, “There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen and there are people who wonder what happened… and the most successful people are the ones who make things happen”

Diane Warren is a songwriter that makes things happen. Wikipedia can provide you with a rundown of all of the things she has made happen to date and a google search will lead you to a list of the details…a fairly complete and almost up to date list of songs she has had cut. It’s a long list of the “A” list of contemporary popular singers in the world and it spans almost every genre, almost every kind of song (not just the American romantic conversation) and many decades.

There are successful writers who love to talk about the process of writing and about their work and others who look like they would rather be doing the work rather than just talking about it and Diane Warren impressed me as that second kind of writer. Because of that she has outworked every other songwriter in her draft class and continues to dominate the contemporary music market. She has created a legacy of success in a business where most writers and many publishers are still not certain what a pop song should even sound like.



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