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Subject: New Year, New Changes

New Year, New Changes

Musical Rockstar

Welcome to another newsletter, Songsalive! Songnotes.  We lost a legend this past week - David Bowie. What a legend. What a songwriter! What an amazing, boundary pushing artist. I'm reminded of David Bowie's Scary Monsters lyrics, with crazily awesome piano playing and edgy music -
She asked me to stay and I stole her room
She asked for my love and I gave her a dangerous mind
Now she's stupid in the street and she can't socialise
Well I love the little girl and I'll love her till the day she dies

I love Bowie and all that he represented. These lyrics remind me of my love for Songsalive! I've been nurturing this non-profit organization and community for 18 years and I'll "love this Songsalive! girl till the day she dies". Isn't it amazing that 18 years later we are still alive and going strong, bringing songs alive and advancing songwriters globally.


Things are a changin' at Songsalive!.... for the better. Since 1997 we have remained strong as the largest international Songwriters and Composers Membership organization. But we're about to get a make-over and we want you to be part of it!

Recently we conducted a survey with all our members and subscribers to gain feedback on how best we can provide services to you, leaping into 2016. We take feedback seriously, and we have listened.

In the coming weeks we are making some exciting changes to the services and member benefits we provide. We have already made significant changes already.

One - a key takeaway from the feedback we received has made us overhaul our website and members' backstage to make it easier to navigate, more content and opportunities that suit your needs, and at the same time, simplify our back end admin processes. This also includes a fresh look & feel to our site and our members backstage.

Two - We are also changing our membership fees for new members, making it more tangible on a month to month basis, and with the ability to cancel at any time. That means one doesn't need to commit to a year of membership, but simply come for as long as you want or as short as you want. 

Three - We've modified our benefits and services and there are some really cool new programs we are launching in the members backstage. From more opportunities to pitch your songs and get them licensed; more feedback on your songs; to more amazing online content from and ability to network with music business professionals; these are just a few exciting offerings we are launching. 

Take a look at what we are delivering here. It's pretty awesome!

For our current members, you would have received another email on how to log in to the new backstage.

For others who read our news, but not a member, we invite you to come give us a try. Take a roadtest for just $1 here

We don't take your membership and involvement for granted. In 2016 we will work really hard to provide you the utmost of excellent service, benefits and community that you've asked for.

At Songsalive!, we want to wish you a very happy new year. Let's make this year filled with abundance, powerful songs, and success!

President, Songsalive!

New Songsalive! Songshop Leads

  • New tip sheet from available. Get your songs out now
  • Modern Fitness/Workout Music Needed For Placement Immediately - Deadline: Feb. 10, 2016
  • Music Library Seeks Shimmering Tranquil Music For Placement - Deadline: Feb. 10, 2016
  • LA based creative company is immediately seeking a song for a TV series pilot


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Pro Member Spotlight: Nancy Kelel 

As a Songsalive! Pro member since 2011, Nancy Kelel has recently placed as a Semi-Finalist in the 2015 UK Songwriting Contest for her original song, "When She's Around." Nancy plays keyboards, guitar, drums and sings. She has been a multi instrumentalist/songwriter for over forty years. Nancy hails from Detroit, Michigan and made her move West many years ago to Los Angeles with aspirations to become a professional songwriter. Among Nancy's 2016 musical and songwriting aspirations is to produce a CD compilation of her original material. Additionally another 2016 goal is to get out of the studio and delve more into the live performance venues of songwriter showcase opportunities in the local Los Angeles area. 


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Miss David Bowie? We do too. But let’s dance into 2016 no matter…


A celebration of original songs and songwriting

for all members and friends of Songsalive!, SongNet and LAWIM


5043 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(back of Corky’s Restaurant)


Show Starts Early @ 6pm
kicking off with original songs from our organizations’ songwriters in the first half
With time to let our hair down to live band karaoke in the later hours.

Win - Lucky Door Prize
+ Songsalive! Songwriter of the Year 2015 Award announced

Interested performers sign up at the link above



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