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Subject: Have You Got Rhythm?

Have You Got Rhythm?

Musical Rockstar

Welcome to another edition of Songsalive! SONGNOTES, our regular newsletter for everything you need to know about the craft and business of songwriting.

Rhythm is the most basic component of music. Not all music has melody, but all music has rhythm, and you cannot have melody without rhythm. If you ever find yourself in a songwriting rut, try writing in a different meter than you are generally used to writing. For example, most of us typically write in 4/4 time. Try writing in 6/8 or 3/4 or maybe even 5/4 or 7/4. You will be surprised at what you create!

In this edition of SONGNOTES, we are featuring our partner, Simplero. Find out more about them and what they have to offer for our Pro Members below. We also have more Songshop opportunities, news, and information about our upcoming events!



Songshop opportunities

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Songsalive! Partner of the Month: Simplero

Simplero is an awesome marketing tool that we think you can use too. They are sponsors of Songsalive! and we're proud to feature them. For any of you looking to have save reasonable costs on a mailing list, Simplero works like mailchimp, aweber and other lists where you can create one to several mailing lists eg my fans, media, music business, and so forth). But what's cool is you can also create auto-responders. That means, emails can be scheduled to go out on day 1, or later, automatically, from the day they sign up. Plus, Simplero offers the ability to host your online courses, programs, or even a membership site - all in the one portal - this is awesome for any music or songwriting teacher or author out there who wants to develop a business to sell and market. We use Simplero now for our Songsalive! list, membership and backstage management. All in one. We're very happy. Our President, Gilli Moon, also uses it for her coaching and online programs. Watch Gilli Moon's interview with Simplero founder, Calvin Corelli, talk about Simplero. Watch here.

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Upcoming Songsalive! Events

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Saturday, June 25
Orange County Songsalive! Songwriters Workshop
Songwriters Saturday Night Live Los Angeles

Tuesday, June 28
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Tuesday, July 5
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Tuesday, July 12
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Wednesday, July 13
Chicago Songsalive! Songwriters Workshop

Sunday, July 17
Los Angeles Songsalive! Songwriters Workshop

Tuesday, July 19
Orange County Songsalive! Showcase
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic


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featured Songsalive! event

ORANGE COUNTY - June 25th Orange County Songsalive! Songwriters Workshop - "Getting People Out to Listen"


“Getting People Out To Listen”

Getting people to know about your live gigs is one thing – getting them to actually leave their homes and come see you is even better. How do we motivate people to support live music?

Hosted by: Rod O'Riley

Rod O’Riley is the writing and performing name chosen by the humble and ordinary Rodney Dean Stansfield.  RDS is a guitar seller by day, songwriter by night, and many other things in the hours in between.  A native of Los Angeles, raised in his parents’ native Vancouver, BC, and schooled all over the West Coast.  Currently learning the fine art of bass playing, producing, and letting the computer take care of the hard parts.  Active as an organizer in science fiction fandom, he finds time (somehow) to be an activist for environmental and political causes.  And, of course, for the continued viability of live music and the venues that support it.  In other words, Rodney is a consummate dabbler.  And he is also Chapter Coordinator in Orange County for Songsalive! an international songwriting organization.



NEXT: Saturday, June 25, 2016

TIME: Starts 6:30 pm SHARP. Ends at 9:00 pm. Please be on time. Late arrivals are not supported. You need to come for the whole event!


13030 Goldenwest Ave.

Westminster, CA

Next to the 22 (Garden Grove) Freeway.

(Contact at end)

COST: Free for Songsalive! Pro Members. Non-members pay a donation of $10 to our non-profit efforts. Did you know that our team are volunteers? Lots of sweat and love in this production!



You MUST RSVP in order to be considered for a song critique by 9pm Saturday before the workshop. (Please note that being a member of does not constitute being a Pro Member of Songsalive! )




Rhythm is something you either have or don't have, but when you have it, you have it all over.
-Elvis Presley


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