From: Songsalive! <>
Subject: APPLY 🔥 to the Play for Publishers Workshop in Nashville, TN Oct 5th - 7th

Get a crash-course in what it takes to write for the commercial Nashville market

Learn what it takes to get cuts from people who get them

Spend 3 days with a select group of talented songwriters

Be heard by publishers who sign staff writers and pitch to the top artists

For over 20 years these 3 day workshops, hosted by Barbara Cloyd, have offered songwriters a crash-course in what it takes to write for the commercial Nashville market. They have resulted in open doors on Music Row, co-writes with staff writers, single-song contracts, long-standing co-writing relationships and even a few publishing deals. Past participants who have gone on to success include Dustin Lynch, Jon Nite, Emily Weisband, Jameson Rodgers, Adam James and more.


Writers are invited to apply and 16 are selected. Two publishers a day listen to a song from each participant and give feedback on the craft and commercial potential of the writing. Afterwards there is time to ask questions about the craft and the business. Writers who are not selected can attend at a reduced fee to network and learn.


Dale Bobo - Sony Publishing Nashville

Dave Pacula - Liz Rose Music

Lee Krabel - SMACKSongs

Kara Jackson - Spirit Music

Jamie Dryburgh - Young Music City

Emily Dryburgh - Young Music City