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Subject: Brian’s Inspirational Musical Journey – Read to the End for Huge Bonus

Brian’s Inspirational Musical Journey – Read to the End for Huge Bonus


Everyone loves an awesome story, and the one we’ll be sharing with you today ranks pretty high for inspirational awesomeness. Read on, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Meet Brian, a 45 year-old banker living in Mattoon, Illinois. At day, Brian is like most adults, working his regular 9 to 5 shift and taking care of his family (sounds familiar?). However, once the clock strikes 5pm, he quickly transforms into a country / rock songwriter with immense talent to boot.

Brian has been doing this for years and he loves it. But it has also been unrewarding – until now, that is. It all started when he tried to pitch a song he had recorded on his 4-track recorder at home. With a great concept and lyrics, Brian was sure he was on to something and would finally get the big break in music he’s been patiently waiting for.

But Brian was in for a rude awakening after several pitches and no success. One publisher was kind enough to reach out, telling him that he would need professionally recorded music in order to get any attention at all from serious publishers. As you can imagine, although it was sage advice, Brian was crushed.

For one, there isn't enough talent in Mattoon, Illinois, as far as music production is concerned. There are also no professional recording studios of note either and, even if there were, the price of over $1000 to record one song and the cost of hiring session musicians was just too high for Brian. He didn’t give up, though, and was finally introduced to SongCat.

Brian says he decided to work with SongCat not just because of the value for money he gets by using an online studio but also the convenience that comes with it. To make a long story short, he was able to get his song professionally recorded and got instant access to a number of highly talented musicians, all without leaving the comfort of his home. In fact, the song was produced ready for radio in pretty quick time and for less than half the cost of what he was faced with when trying to find a physical recording studio.

Nowadays, Brian is finally getting the attention he deserves from publishers. He is now trying to decide between two different offers and plans to go into songwriting full time by 2017. He thanks SongCat for it all and has been spreading our name to all of his friends in music ever since. Thanks Brian!

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Who knows, in a couple months we could be telling your success story too. Good luck.