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Subject: June 2018 - Join the party on our mobile app - new songleads today - Songcamp in LA July 22 - are you too old to be a songwriter? Find out...

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Welcome to another edition of Songsalive! Songnotes >  our crafty newsletter for everything you need to know about the craft and business of songwriting. I'm really happy to reach out to everyone today. We've surpassed 20 years at Songsalive!, always serving our songwriters and music friends in empowering, supporting and nurturing the humble songwriter. Today is a new dawn, as we have kicked off a new mobile app and a refresh of our members' backstage, which many of you are road testing for us (if you haven't please see how-to below). For this Summer (northern hemisphere folks) we are blistering into a hot one (sorry for the folks enduring cold snap down-under) that includes a co-writing Songcamp on July 22, in Los Angeles, a few events across the globe, as well as a masterful series of online videos (we call that 'Songcraft series') to learn from our Guest Speaker Masters about the art, craft and biz of songwriting. You can take that up in our backstage app (again, details below). We've got a cool article for those over 35 (yep I'm one of them...) that confirms what I already know, you're never too old to be amazing.. That's a good read...    Plus a dozen Fabulous song leads for you to pitch your best song to (TV, Films, Labels, even Hamilton The Musical). 

Our global community is thriving with offering song critiques, collaborations, song leads and inspiration for the creative traveler. We're so happy to have you on the journey with us. Read on and hugs to all the bright pro writers out there. Plus if you read to the end you'll discover an amazing super savings deal you just cannot ignore.



gilli moon
President Songsalive!, and songwriter.



It's a party in our new members' backstage + mobile app for on-the-go

We are having a  🎈 PARTY 🎉  in the new Songsalive! Backstage App.

Don’t miss it. Bookmark and log in at (tap Log In top right) or directly here - also now on Mobile for both IOS and Android phones. Woot! That IS a party! You can be literally on-the-go and never miss out.

What are we celebrating daily backstage?

1) daily song critiques/feedback by a hundred songwriters literally giving you helpful feedback and positive critique on your songs.

2) daily inspirations to help your writing process

3) collaborations to write with nearby members

4) RSVP to our in-person events, workshops and showcases

5) get DIRECT leads to pitch your songs to films, tv shows, labels (no middle-screener you get the contact)

6) many online 'Songcraft' video workshops of our guest music industry masters teaching excellence

7) Super Cool interface to chat, post, discover everything you want about the craft and business of music so much more...

💥 it’s fabulous. What are you waiting for???

Try it for Free!

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Got Songs? We have daily leads in Songsalive! Songshop

Get song leads where music business professionals (record labels, publishers, film producers and music supervisors) hunt songs from the Songsalive! song pool. We give you the contact directly. No screeners, no walls. Direct songwriter to business pitch. You can post too. If you know of a TV show, Film, Game, Artist, Company, Gig or Project looking for songs, songwriters or artists, please post. All posts to have as many details as possible with contacts & due date.

  • A&R Management Looking for Pop, R&B, and Soft Rock Artists and Bands

  • TV Pilot Chicago Casting Call for Blues Musicians

  • Instrumental Music Needed ASAP for Feature Documentary

  • Music Publisher Looking for Songs of a Commercial Pop Nature 

  • Sync Licensing Company Looking for Many Different Genres - Trailer music, blues/rock, indie, soul, Mowtown, Hip-Hop and so much more

  • Hamilton Musical - auditions


  • Record Label/Music Publisher Looking for Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Electro, EDM & Rock Artists

  • Motley Crue's Biopic "The Dirt" Seeks Talent


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 Get your learning on...

Songcraft Videos now on the new Backstage

🎧Now showing:

1. Paul Zollo's  Inside 'Songwriters On Songwriting' - a journey into the heart of songwriting wisdom from Sammy Cahn to Bob Dylan and beyond.

2. Gilli Moon's and Mary Lemanski's How To Plan For a Successful Songwriting business


Have you watched videos in our Songcraft Video series yet?

Self-led online learning through an amazing ONLINE VIDEO SERIES 👀

Take control of your learning and power up with some light and heavy reading! Self-service access to some of the best songwriting and music biz articles as well as watch videos from our Master teachers. Topics include songwriting, lyric writing, pitching and the BIZ!

We created this because many of our members are not near a chapter to attend an in-person workshop. So we deliver it to you virtually. How cool is that?!

How does it work? Videos and online content are posted under Songcraft in our backstage app, to up your craft and music biz know-how. New content added regularly. Includes some courses valued at over $150 each elsewhere.

 Get your headphones on, grab a notebook and turn up the volume. 

Videos added weekly.

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Upcoming Songsalive! Events


SONGSALIVE! SONGCAMP Sun July 22 - get your co-writing on! Los Angeles

Get Ready For a sizzling Songsalive! Songwriters Summer with our best program ever: SONGCAMP.

The Songsalive! Songwriter's Workshop series WILL RESUME on July 22nd 2018 at our NEW LOCATION - "The Lake House", . It's part of the Woodley Lake Golf Club and there is plenty of parking. Come through the restaurant to the banquet room at back. Allow enough time for finding it.

For Sunday July 22 we are conducting our SONGWRITING SONGCAMP - a truly collaborative day that you don't want to miss.

Come join this awesome intensive 3 hours of speed co-writing, feedback and fun (prizes will be had). You'll end up with a brand new song and new songwriting friends. Great collaborative day! Sign up early for this one.

Hosted by Songsalive! President and co-founder, Gilli Moon, and run by LA Chapter coordinator Rik Lawrence, our Songsalive! Songcamp is a fast-paced learning writing session for all songwriters of any level. You'll be paired up (groups of 2 to 4) to write in an ambitious hour, where your writing skills will meet the test like many situations in the biz where you have to write to deadline. We'll all provide feedback as well as celebrate the awesome-ness of the writing challenge, with PRIZES and FUN.

ANYONE CAN ATTEND. Cost to attend our SONGCAMP is free for Songsalive! PRO (paying) Members (join here), and $10 for non-pro-members which is paid at the door preferably in cash.

RSVP on Meetup or RSVP in our Backstage (app) Log in to Backstage, Tap on Events under the Menu.


 ==>Go to our Calendar for all Events Details<==

 Or Log In to Backstage. Tap on MENU (top right), Tap on Events and Squads

Catch these:

Tuesday, June 26
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Saturday, June 30
Orange County Songsalive! Songwriters Workshop

Tuesday, July 3
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Tuesday, July 10
Orange County Songsalive! Showcase
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Sunday, July 15
SONGSALIVE! SONGCAMP Sunday July 22 - get your co-writing on!

Tuesday, July 17
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic




Songsalive! Sponsored Event: Pat Pattison's songwriting seminar - June 30th in LA - Songsalive! members get a discount!


Pat Pattison's Songwriting Seminar - ENROLL NOW

Enter code "Songsalive!" for $50 off!

Saturday, June 30th
USC - Songwriter's Theater
3450 Watt Way
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Pat Pattison is a professor at Berklee College of Music, where he teaches lyric writing and poetry. His latest book, Writing Better Lyrics: 2nd Edition (Writer’s Digest Books) features a foreword by Pat’s former student and 3-time Grammy winner Gillian Welch. In this wide-ranging seminar, covering the essentials of lyric writing, you'll work on verse development, use of image and metaphor, prosody and the art of matching of lyric and music.
10:00-1:00pm: Seminar
2:00-4:00pm: Critique Session 

Topics covered include:
- Lyric Structure: Supporting Your Ideas with Structure
- Rhyme Types: Enlarging the Possibilities
- Brainstorming: Techniques for Unearthing Idea
- Verse Development: Strategies for Advancing Your Ideas from Section to Section

Pat will use participant's songs as a springboard to begin conversations on effective re-writing. Interactive, challenging you with a spate of writing exercises, you'll come away from the weekend with deeper insights into writing no matter the genre. 
A critique session provides the opportunity to apply the tools and techniques developed in the seminars, demonstrating how they can improve the lyric's impact. We will focus on the strengths of the lyric, with suggestions for taking the next step to make it even better. 

Critique session is by submission. Upon registering, if you are interested in submitting for critique, Brittany will collect your submission via this email 



Good reading

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