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Subject: Are you a musical gem?

Are you a musical gem?

Musical Rockstar

According to the Songsalive! constitution, we strive, "To provide a worldwide community, a home, a family, for songwriters and composers around the world to co-create, collaborate, network, workshop ideas, develop finished recorded and published product, and feel supported, promoted, nurtured and educated." Find out more about our objectives at

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Pandora buys Rdio assets for $75m as Spotify rival files for bankruptcy
‘An unspeakably appalling tragedy’
If YouTube really loves music, it’s time it did something Spotify won’t.

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Showcases are available to perform at by Songsalive! Pro members only.
Featuring talented songwriters from around the globe, the Songsalive! Showcases are the best industry secret, a great happening all around the world.

  •     very cozy, intimate and acoustic environment.
  •     media and music industry representatives often drop by to check out the latest talent.
  •     conducted globally.
  •      quality entertainment songwriter performances.
Anyone can attend our showcases and we encourage you to come listen to our musical gems.​

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Tuesday, November 17
Orange County Songsalive! Showcase
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Tuesday, November 24
 New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Saturday, November 28
 Orange County Songsalive! Songwriters Workshop
 Songwriters Saturday Night Live Los Angeles

Tuesday, December 1
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic

Tuesday, December 8
New York Songsalive! Showcase & Open Mic



Hip-Hop Needed ASAP For Indie Film Trailer - Deadline: Nov. 20, 2015
Music Library Seeks Music For Family Adventure & Family Drama - Deadline: Dec. 18, 2015
Music Library Seeks Instrumental Music ASAP For TV - Deadline: Dec. 10, 2015

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» CALL FOR PERFORMERS: Songwriters Saturday Night Live (Los Angeles Songsalive!/SongNet) #musicopp

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Dan Schteingart has been a producer, composer, and songwriter for nearly two decades. He was named a suggested artist by "Song of the Year", and his work "Keely's Song" was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. He has played at venues from New York to Los Angeles. As a producer, Dan's work has been seen nationally, in promotion of high profile Emmy Award Winning shows such as HBO's "Sex And The City", and "The Sopranos", and the PBS Great Performances series, including such concerts as "Opening Night at Carnegie Hall", and "Elton John at the Royal Opera House". He has worked with many notable musicians, and orchestras including the Chicago, New Jersey, and Cleveland Symphony Orchestras, and the Vienna Philharmonic. He produces many independent artists, and leads the New York City chapter of Songsalive, helping artists with their music, fostering a supportive environment for them to grow and improve their music into a commercially viable form. Dan is a Music Therapy MA Candidate, with studies from New York University. His music therapy work with hearing impaired preschoolers, and adults in hospitalized inpatient psychiatric units have allowed him to utilize music as a means of communication and healing.  


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There is a song; and there is a Hit Song. Which one do you want to write? Are you a Hit Song Maker? The 360 Degree Songwriter analyzes what is a “Hit Song”, covering Gilli Moon's Hit Song Recipe - a collection of special ingredients that makes up the “Hit Song” sauce. This analysis will help you as a songwriter gain a clearer path on how to write a “Hit” song and why you should at least write one for your catalog. Who knows, once you get hooked, you may realize that all your songs can be Hits! But songs aren’t Hits just in the writing. This book focuses not just on songs, but you as the songwriter. This is where my coined phrase, “the 360º (Degree) Songwriter” comes into play. You’ll discover the mindset you need in order to write the Hit songs, deliver them to the ears and minds, and jettison them, and you, towards success. You’ll also receive tips on marketing, branding and networking in the music business, including an in-depth chapter on licensing and publishing your songs. By the end of this book, you’ll have your Writing Recipe book, and you’ll be able to determine whether you're up to playing the music business game to succeed as a professional, consummate, 360º Songwriter. Through my carefully crafted strategies, you’ll give your SONG the BEST SHOT. Actually, a SLAM DUNK.  Get your copy at 



"I like being in a recording studio. I like watching a song go from the simplicity of the original music."
-Grace Slick

Keep listening and keep writing!

Mary Lemanski
Director of Operations

Gilli Moon