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Subject: Connect with the right people in music licensing

Connect with the right people in music licensing

Hi Rockstar, 


We wanted to let you know about a great program where songwriters have been having success licensing their music to TV & film.


Chris SD is an award-winning music producer who has helped many of the artists he has worked with license their music. Because he uses the same proven steps over and over again to license music, he decided to help songwriters everywhere get sync placements. He recently helped an artist get $30,000 for one of her songs in the season finale of a show. 

At Sync Songwriter, Chris offers a FREE music licensing workshop once a year that will show you exactly how he does it. Discover the proven steps to connect with the right people in music licensing.

You'll learn: 

  • WHY most musicians fail at music licensing
  • WHAT works in the sync world
  • HOW to target your music for TV & film

This training is COMPLETELY FREE but his workshop is only up for a limited time so register now. 

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