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Welcome to another edition of Songsalive! Songnotes >  our newsletter for everything you need to know about the craft and business of songwriting. We wanted to check in on our Songsalive! Nation to see how you are doing during these unprecedented times. Since our inception in 1997 we have always been committed to offering a global stage and support space for our songwriters. Virtual/Online community has been a strong part of what we do, and we want to continue to do this in a big way.

In an effort to support the current climate of social distancing and our community support the reduction of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made a decision to cancel any in-person events for the remainder of March and into April.

Instead we are expanding our ways to bring us all together through our virtual programs and platforms.

If you are interested in attending our virtual events,

1. we have scheduled a FREE online/virtual Song Sessions Event with song critique and a guest speaker on Monday April 6. Details of the virtual Songsalive! Song Sessions event 

2.  We continue to bring our songwriters and composers virtually together for community, learning and collaboration and no better time than to congregate (safely from home) so we can feel 'united'. Let's unite through Music! We're posting daily with each other -  Stay connected backstage:

3. We are providing an exclusive opportunity to our newsletter readers our membership rate at 1/4 of the cost (only $25/yr for new songwriters) to help those financially limited but want to stay connected within our awesome Songsalive! Nation. We want to be there for you, so we've made it possible for you to be with us. 

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Most importantly, please stay safe during this time.
We very much wish our Songsalive! community the utmost in safety and health
and we offer you your virtual community and much love ❤️ during this time of uncertainty.
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Upcoming Songsalive! Virtual Event   

The Songsalive! Song Sessions - Virtual Event + guest speaker Matthew Moran

matthew-moran-songsalive-use.jpgThe Songsalive! Song Sessions (1).png

On Monday April 6, 6pm PST Songsalive! continues their 20 year success of advancing songwriters and composers worldwide. Are you a songwriter willing to take your songs to the next level? Workshop your songs to be the best they can be, to showcase them to the world. THIS EVENT IS A VIRTUAL EVENT! Attend in the comfort of your home.

Hosted by the Songsalive! Team, Gilli Moon, Rik Lawrence and Rod O'Riley , The Songsalive! Song Sessions are open to our Members worldwide and is open to songwriters, composers, lyricists and music creators of original music. The first part - Song Critique Session - focuses on in-the-round song critique where Songsalive!, the special music industry guest speaker in attendance, and each other provide feedback and positive critique, sharing insights on how to take your song to the next level. See below on how to prepare.
The second part - Music Industry Guest Speaker - We have Matthew Moran - a songwriter, author, technologist, and content creator based in Los Angeles, California. He performs solo and with his band, Arrogant Sage. You can find out more at:
HIS TOPIC: The Proactive Songwriter: In this presentation, Matthew Moran discusses his songwriting process, how to became a more prolific and proficient as a songwriter, and innovative ways to get your music in front of new listeners - including how I built a national house concert circuit.
Attendees will learn about:
Ideas: Where they come from
Rhyming schemes to avoid
Music First or Lyrics First
Good venues versus bad venues
Do you want a band or not?
How to handle critics versus critique.
House Concerts and other non-traditional venues
Come ready with your songs for feedback and create long lasting relationships in the songwriting community. Songsalive! is your songwriters squad!
COST: Free for Songsalive! Members.
RSVPs and details are only available at Songsalive! Backstage for Members
JOIN AS A MEMBER atour special current offer of $25/yr and attend all our events for free

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Past Event Reviews

Review of recent OC Showcase by Rod O'Riley 

A scary spring and a heavy rain didn't stop people from coming out to Sam Ash Music in Westminster, California for the March 2020 Songsalive! Orange County Monthly Songwriter Showcase. 

And good thing too! We welcomed back local favorite Gil ha (Gil Hager), along with Bill Leustig  -- a new voice on our stage! Gil was up first, ably assisted by multi-instrumentalist "AC" Chavan. The two of them mostly went the mellow route this time, but Gil's famous bluesy growl was there in full force, even on some of his prettiest songs. Bill Leustig was up next, and right from his first strum he turned up the energy! Bill has a terrific way of writing songs that immediately bring to mind "old timey" music, while still having a right-off-today's-radio feel to them. The crowd was enamored.  

More details for upcoming events in the OC here as well as on our Meetup page 


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