Beginning 7/17/17, Songsalive! invites you to participate in a seven-day songwriting challenge. A seven-day songwriting challenge is an excellent way to supercharge your songwriting skills, and provide you with to engage with our wider community. Plus you’ll get to showcase those songwriting skills you’ve been working on.

Each day of the seven-day challenge will feature a prompt to help you get your creative wheels turning. These prompts are merely considered suggestions. Feel free to write about anything you’d like on each day. All we care about is that you write a new song every day.

We can’t wait to hear your songs! Share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr page. We welcome all levels of talent and genres to the challenge.

Songsalive! is a fully Incorporated Non-Profit Company - 501)c)3 Public Benefit Educational Charity; and California State and USA Federal Tax Non Exempt Status. Songsalive!

These prompts were developed in conjunction with the songwriting blog, The Sound Connector. The Sound Connector is an online songwriting blog that promotes community, craft, and dialogues about songwriting; learn more at