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Welcome to another edition of Songsalive! Songnotes >  our newsletter for everything you need to know about the craft and business of songwriting.  This month we showcase the recipient of the latest Songsalive! Songwriter Of The Year Award; share our upcoming songwriters events (showcases and song critique workshops); latest Songshop song leads; and a cool blog to inspire your writing. We love hearing from you so please share your posts Backstage.

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Since 2010, Songsalive! honors one songwriter each year with the Songsalive! Songwriter Of The Year Award, to a songwriter who shows exemplary talent and commitment to ones art of writing songs and the community around them; carefully by a handful of judges and our Board.

We're excited to announce the recipient of the 2019 Songsalive! Songwriter Of The Year Award is Nancy Kelel.

Nancy receives this Award for her incredible legacy as a strong contributor to her songwriting community, her great and memorable songs, her dedication to Songsalive! as a long-time member, and for her outstanding growth in her writing and performing which we have been honored to witness over the years.


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Upcoming Songsalive! Featured Events   


We are DARK for Los Angeles but we'll be sharing our new venue for workshops and showcases REALLY soon!





Monthly on the First Thursday
@Jesse's Tavern
10501 S Ridgeland Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415, USA
6.30pm - 9.30pm
Host, David Keeney
Taste the talent! Our Songwriter events happen globally and in Chicago we have an awesome Open Mic featuring some of our brightest and newest singer/songwriters on the block. Come on out and support our performers, and if you are a singer/songwriter come show us your stuff. Many performers get selected for featured spots and opportunities by Songsalive!



Every Tuesday Night, weekly

American Trash, 1471 First Avenue (Btw. 76th and 77th Streets)
9pm till close
Featuring talented songwriters from around the globe, the Songsalive! Showcases are the best industry secret, a great happening all around the world. Songsalive! Showcases are a very cozy, intimate and acoustic environment where media and music industry representatives often drop by to check out the latest talent, hosted by Dan Schteingart.  Showcase your music and support our national and international live events and showcases presenting songwriters and artists of original music. Showcases are quality entertainment songwriter performances around the country. All members are eligible to perform at a Songsalive! showcase based on availability, schedule and of course, your talent! This is also an Open Mic so stop in and sign up and perform. Then you can be eligible as a future featured artist.


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Give Life To Songs! 💙 

Donate to Songsalive! and support songwriters through our 501c)3) non-profit organization. 🎵 Thank you all for your support! 

We’re raising money for Songsalive! Inc, our 20 year international 501c)3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and empowering songwriters and composers worldwide. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500.

Every little bit helps as we survive purely on volunteer team effort, membership and donations. Thank you for your support. It will go towards running events and programs for songwriters dedicated to advancing and elevating new, original and independent music. I've included information about Songsalive! Inc below.

Songsalive! is the largest international non-profit membership organization and social community for songwriters and composers, since 1997. Songsalive! is run by volunteer songwriters for songwriters and is dedicated to nurturing, support, education and promotion of songwriters and composers worldwide.  🌲🌲

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Blog: Your Daily Habit: for Hit Songwriters

Article for the holidays

 We cannot foresee the wind. And I cannot manipulate fate. I don’t know the answers. I don’t have the secret key. I cannot tug the puppet strings, nor pull any levers. I am who I am. A singer. And a songwriter. I do what I do. Sometimes I pull back, retreat (raise twin toddlers for a moment in time), and other times I leap into that wind, or storm or however you want to see it, and whoosh up some leaves. Whatever that day’s energy, I continue to be who I am, and act the way I can act. 

The most important thing is to TRUST in the process. Do not get sidetracked, or sideswiped. Or give in to the forces around. Do not stagnate. Nor get caught up in feeling like you have to keep up with the Jones’..... more >

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